Cher Shares

Here you will find my weekly top picks that have recently caught my eye, or have been a longstanding love of mine. Each week I will curate an inspirational selection that I hope you will enjoy as much as I do!

Summer Glow

Guess what? You can rock a sun-kissed glow all year round with the right skincare goodies! With summer around the corner, I'm thrilled to share some stellar skin champions. Not only do these products give the most insane, glowy results... They are all packed with skin-loving ingredients to keep your complexion radiating with health and beauty throughout the seasons☀️


Choosing the right products for your hair is extremely important for not only how it looks but how it will keep healthy, hygienic and prevent further damage. You don't realise how much your hair contributes to your confidence and when you notice significant changes to the health and density (like I have experienced in the past) it really makes you think about what you can do or change in your routine/lifestyle to bring it back to life! Looking after your hair is such an imperative thing, I love using hair masks and scalp treatments, having regular trims and using good quality hair products and have seen such a massive improvement! I really love a haircare routine, once it's done my mood improves and I feel like a totally new woman! There are some incredible hair products I have tried, tested and absolutely love, so week I am sharing with you 12 of my ultimate haircare favourites! 💆🏼‍♀️

For the man who has everything

Stuck finding the perfect gift for that extraordinary man who has it all? Don't worry! Be it your father, stepfather, children's dad, or a father-like pillar of strength, our unique range of presents has you covered. From sentimental to practical, each gift is special. Make his Father's Day memorable with a present he'll treasure. 💚