20th Jun



Amsterdam is always a great idea, it’s the perfect weekend getaway and I just love the vibe! We flew from London for less that £100 each and within only one hour we touched down Holland! We stayed at The Hendrick’s hotel which was only a 10 minute walk from Amsterdam Central station and as soon as we hit the city it felt amazing… It was just so mellow, everyone was really friendly and the pace feels slow and just what I needed. The first thing I noticed was all cyclists and how it’s the perfect way to get around. I would never feel safe riding a bike around London so this was super refreshing! As someone who really enjoys the freedom of being on a bike this was the perfect place to jump straight in and get involved! The cycle lanes are so safe and cyclists have right of way wherever you go with no agg from any drivers it feels so euphoric just being able to breeze through in the sunshine!

We cycled around VondelPark which is Amsterdam’s largest, most famous park and attracts 10 million visitors each year but there is so much space, it was so beautiful. It was full of streams, cafés, restaurants and an open-air theatre where a band was playing as laid on the grass and had a little doze. They have performances throughout the summertime each weekend, so if you’re planning a trip be sure to check out the programme! 

There are also some amazing Museums located in Central such as the Van Gogh Museum and the Anne Frank House. I would definitely advise you to get tickets in advance as they are incredibly popular and as our trip was so last minute we missed out this time. 

The canals are so iconic to walk along and the food is incredible… All the coffee shops along the water are so vibey and chilled. We lived off frites and dutch pancakes, in fact we barely spent any money as we ate light lunches and in the evening we just went from stand to stand and tried the local food. Amsterdam is a must if you’re looking for a weekend away that won’t break the bank and is easy to get to. If you would prefer not to fly, you can get the Eurostar from King’s Cross St Pancras in London, which would take around 4 hours.

As well as being absolutely gorgeous during the day, the nightlife is amazing! The city comes alive at night as there are so many cool clubs and hidden parties. Dj’s travel to Amsterdam regularly as the scene is electric.

On Monday, before we flew back home, we visited one of the biggest flower wholesalers in Holland. As a HUGE flower lover, this was honestly a dream come true. Some of the most beautiful flowers that are found within florists in the UK and worldwide, are all sourced from Holland. The dutch Tulip is renowned for being the absolute best, as well as the Roses and my favourite of all, the Peonie. I got to experience four floors of stunning blooms and the process it takes from these huge fridges, to auction, to grower, then finally to vase.

Three days, two nights of pure bliss and when you come back from a trip thinking you could live there, I already can’t wait to go back!

Love Cher x

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